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 Nairobi National Park Lions 14.06.2003 (20:00 Uhr) CrazyTwins


    Ever wondered why you do not see any lions in Nairobi Park any
    more? The following extracts from Lesley Hannah and Ian Cowie make
    extremely disturbing reading. It is only by publicising what has been
    going on over the last few weeks that we can hope to achieve anything
    in terms of preventing our globally unique Nairobi National Park from
    becoming at best housing estate or Industrial Area, or at worst a
    1 June 2003
    Today 2 more lions have been speared to death, just metres from the
    park boundary in the Kitengela.  The lions were not just speared and
    left...but have been skinned, the male has had his head cut off
    (presumably for the mane), and their paws have been cut off for the
    claws, their hearts and liver cut out.  Out and out poaching.  Just over
    2 weeks ago three lions were killed, a female with two 6 month old
    cubs.  One of the cubs was the first to be killed.  The same thing was
    done to them...paws cut off skinned, heart cut out...jaw cut off.  Again
    out and out poaching.  As yet there have been no arrests...It is under
    investigation.  I went to film the bodies but was, basically told by the
    warden I could not.  But the time I arrived at KWS the Warden told
    me they had disposed of the bodies.
     These are the facts. The Maasai have threatened to kill all the lions,
    they have also threatened to kill all the eland as they are eating their
    grass. There was no cow or goat carcass found with these poaching
    incidents. As it stands now there are maybe 15 lions left in the Park.
    We (Jim Cavanaugh, Judy Rudnai and myself) have set up a Big Cat
    Surveillance team with KWS. It is apparently not working. We are at
    a loss as to what to do to save the remaining lions in the Park.
    2) 3rd June 2003 STOP PRESS: Several more cubs killed over the
    weekend. There are now no more wild adult males in NNP
    3) We went to see the Warden again today...but with KWS being in
    the confusion it is seems
    that still nothing is being done. KWS have patrols out there. The
    Masai kill the lions in front of them.  It actually started 2 years
    ago...when a lion was killed for killing a zebra???  The KWS Rangers
    are scared of this wild group of youths that are out of control.. The
    DO has no control, the Chief has no control.....We have gone to the
    press.  Youth For Conservation will hold a press conference
    tomorrow.  Perhaps Public Pressure will stop this.  So the more people
    that know what is happening the better. I would really like to go and
    see the President (yes..Kibaki)...not just for the lions..but for Nairobi
    Park itself and the rest of the animals that the Masai have threatened
    to kill. If anyone has any "in" with the Office of the President, please
    let me know.
    4)    NAIROBI PARK LIONS. 03 June 2003.
     In the past week, 5 Nairobi Park lions have been killed in the
    Kitengela, 2 the week before. In all cases, no domestic stock was
    involved, and skin,  teeth, claws removed, presumably as saleable
    items.  They were speared. This is a new slant, and we are advised by
    KWS staff on the ground that the intention is to kill all the Park lions
    and then start on Eland. Some of us met with KWS today. It seems
    there is little they can, or are prepared to do about this.  We have
    written in to the Director urging immediate action to control the
    situation and to safeguard the remaining lions, which we estimate to be
    around eleven, possibly without a breeding
     male. A recent  survey by KWS of visitors leaving the Park indicated
    that 80% wanted to see lion, and were disappointed at not being able
    to. It would help if you can bring this to the attention of all -
    particularly those trying to restart the Tourist Industry.
    5) We met with the KWS Security Director Patrick Hamilton
    yesterday, but it appears that, for whatever reason, there is little
    that KWS can do. So...I am going to go this afternoon to be in the
    studio audience on a KBC show called Insight.  Dr. Kulundu will be
    there, so we will ask for his help in this matter as KWS in under his
    Ministry. Just to let you know also that the KWS Ranger was not
    speared, but a stray KWS bullet. I think if he had been
    speared, by now some arrests would have been made.  I got a call this
    afternoon from a KWS ranger who is in Sholingii with 5 of the lions.
    They are trying to dart them to bring them to KWS to keep them safe
    until we can figure out something else. But this is the area where the
    Masai are the worst..and have killed many of the lions.  These 5 are
    the cubs..and hopefully their mother.  There were 7 (2 yr. old cubs)
    and 2 adult female was killed a while ago..and now 3 of
    the cubs.) These are the ones we have been working really hard to
    save from starvation...just to be chopped up by some wild youths. The
    next stop is the President...and I am working on contacts to get there.
    Again if anyone can help with this, please let me know. At 11 a.m. on
    Sunday 8th June there is a talk on lions for FONNAP where I will
    try and show my NNP Lion film with the added gorey pictures. It
    would appear that if this is left unattended to then it will be all the
    more grist to the mill for those who wish to see our unique National
    Park turned into a housing estate. There should no longer be any
    argument about fencing.

    1) Burn the grass in the Park to attract the herbivores in,

    2) Fence the park to keep them in and 3) Introduce lions and cheetahs
    from other protected areas in Kenya. Otherwise it WILL become a
    housing estate and we will have lost yet another part of our wonderful
    natural heritage. The time to act is NOW, so that when the tourists
    return, as they hopefully will, then we have something for them to look
    at. If we are to promote Kenya
     abroad then we must ensure that we have products to promote;
    Nairobi Park is one of those products.


 Re: Nairobi National Park Lions 15.06.2003 (11:40 Uhr) patsy
Hallo Christine,

dieser Artikel macht mich sehr betroffen!! Habe selbst schon 3 Wochen am Rande des Nairobi-Nationalparks verbracht und war sehr beeindruckt davon, daß es eine solche Idylle in unmittelbarer Nähe zu Nairobi gibt. Es wäre sehr traurig wenn dieses "kleine Paradies" von der Karte verschwinden würde. Gibt es konkrete Adressen(E-mail)an die man sich wenden kann?

Nachdenkliche Grüße von
. Es
> wäre sehr traurig wenn dieses "kleine Paradies" von der
> Karte verschwinden würde. Gibt es konkrete
> Adressen(E-mail)an die man sich wenden kann?
> Nachdenkliche Grüße von
> Patsy

Hi Patsy,
leider habe ich wenig Zeit, aber die Nation wäre ein Ansprechpartner,Standart,
Kibaki hat auch eine Seite im Netz (findest Du über Google).
Ansonsten frag einfach Dave:
Dave Mckelvie" <>

Falls Du weiter kommst, lass es mich bitte wissen, würde auch helfen.

also wer helfen möchte- Protestschreiben an diese Adressen senden:

Vielleicht hilft es, schöne Woche


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